Hiltgund 2009


Hiltgund - Ardnamurchan and beyond 2009

7th - 21st July

Crew aboard:
Chris Perring & John Bartholomew

Photos by John Bartholomew (mostly)

For the online log of this cruise, see here: http://blog.mailasail.com/hiltgund

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At Tobermory


Hiltgund 2009 - Tobermory


Loch Sunart



Loch Sunart - Salen


Hiltgund at Salen - Loch Sunart - July 2009


No showers at the Hotel, so time to get clean aboard. With the air temperature at about 30°C, the solar showers warmed up nicely - which was good as the sea felt VERY cold!!


Loch Sunart - Strontian


Hiltgund and Anliscar at Strontian

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best dinner ashore of the cruise was at the Kilcamb Lodge Hotel, Strontian.

Dawn at Strontian - watching for otters.

Anliscar at Strontian

Kilcamb Lodge Hotel - Strontian

Hiltgund 2009 - Loch Sunart 



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