Hiltgund 2009


Hiltgund at the Crinan Classic Boat Festival 2009

2nd - 6th July

Crew aboard:
Chris Perring, Andrew Shaw, Christian Shaw, Andrew Whitfield, John Bourke, Mary Lindsay & John Bartholomew

Photos by John Bartholomew

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Day 1 (Friday) - see previous page

Day 2 (Saturday) - see previous page

Day 3 (Sunday) - see previous page

Day 3 + 1 (Monday, and perhaps Tuesday....)

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Opposition leaves Crinan, bound for the South Coast.


Opposition - Crinan Classic 2009


After spending nearly a week at Crinan, Hiltgund then headed off north, bound for Mull and the Small Isles. See here for where she got to: http://blog.mailasail.com/hiltgund

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