Hiltgund 2009


Hiltgund at the Crinan Classic Boat Festival 2009

2nd - 6th July

Crew aboard:
Chris Perring, Andrew Shaw, Christian Shaw, Andrew Whitfield, John Bourke, Mary Lindsay & John Bartholomew

Photos by John Bartholomew

Day 0 (Thursday) CP motored Hiltgund down from Ardfern and was joined at Crinan by Christian & Andrew Shaw in time to watch the opening ceremony. This was enlivened by the Mid Argyll Pipe Band embarked in VIC32, the last puffer still fired by coal, playing as she entered the sea lock and basin of the canal. Repaired aboard Hiltgund on her mooring at Crinan Boatyard for first class dinner prepared by Christian. Post dinner chat lasted well into the night.

Day 1 (Friday) The morning dawned rather dreich. As CP had been called away to Edinburgh to sing at a funeral, John Bourke took command and Hiltgund put up a creditable performance in trying conditions. This was not a day for photography.

Day 2 (Saturday) A much more promising morning. Hiltgund achieved an excellent second place on handicap in a race where we had some lucky wind shifts and enjoyed some very good sailing. The crew repaired ashore to watch the Highland Games and some are seen below making new friends.

Day 3 (Sunday) - see next page

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Hiltgund at Crinan - July 2009

After a bit of milling about ashore, Hiltgund's crew headed to Cairnbaan for dinner. Later on was the Party at the Boatshed after which Hiltgund's crew was joined on board by the crew of Phurieng for nightcaps.

Day 0 (Thursday) - this page.

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Participating Boats in likely classes, (classes to be confirmed)

Class One, sail  
Elona, 403 1962 McGruer bermudan yawl
Glance, 53' 1894 Luke bermudan cutter
Hiltgund, 40' 1938 50 Square metre
Kelana, 423 1946 McGruer sloop
Lizzie May, 55' 2001 Replica of Scillonian Pilot Cutter
Mischief, 55' 2007 Replica of Bill Tilmans Bristol Cutter
Mascotte, 80' 1904 Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter
Opposition, 41' 1971 Sparkman & Stephens sloop
Sceptre, 68' 1958 Alexander Robertson & Sons 12metre
Silence, 43 1964 Abeking Rasmussen yawl
Sule Skerry, 43 1958 McGruer yawl
Svalan, 30 1937 Hjelmar & Johansson Dragon No 16, sloop
Truant, 42 1910 William Fife 111, 8 metre gaff cutter
Tryad, 37'6" 1956 Robert Clark/ Medina Yacht Co, sloop
Varen, 41'6" 1961 G.L.Watson/Moody sloop
Class Two, sail  
Arlil, 283 1936 Elkins auxiliary yawl
Barbican, 32' 1963 Alan Buchanan One Off sloop
Bernera, 28'3" 1929 Scottish Island Class sloop
Canna, 28' 1938 Scottish Island Class sloop
Crazy Jane, 31'6" 1969 Golden Hind sloop
Curlew, 26' 1969 S.C.O.D. One design sloop
Elrhuna, 28 1904 Alexander Robertson & Sons sloop
Ferryman, 21'3" 1949 Itchen Ferry Gaff Cutter
Islay, 31'6" 1936 Charles Cooper masthead sloop
Junkanoo, 35' 10" 1962 Newman Motorsailer ketch
Klompen, 30' Wanderer Class
Naiad, 35 1936 Harrison Butler Bermudan sloop
Oblio, 34' 2007 William Fife 111 gaff cutter
Phurieng, 35' 2" 1964 Lion Class
Ptarmigan, 29'5" 1966 McGruer cruising sloop
Saving Grace, Lymington Class
Secret, 40' 1932 Essex Smack Yacht, gaff cutter
Siok, 25' 1964 Folk Boat sloop
Stroma, 28' 1929 Scottish Island Class sloop
Beechnut, 12 1983 clinker dinghy
Druid, 146 1900 row/sail clinker dinghy built at Crinan Ferry
Enterprise, 13'3" 1956 plywood sailing dinghy
Jules Boat, 16' 1960 clinker dinghy
Sciurus, 149 1987 Richard Pierce open dinghy
Seapod, 14'6" 2008 Maine Peapod, dinghy
Motor Boats  
Amaranth, 52' 1949 Weatherheads Ring Netter
Cumbrae Lass, 36' Loch Fyne Skiff Design
Dancing Cloud, 35' Miller Fifer
Northwind, 30' Open workboat
Sgarbh, 40' 1947 Woo