Hiltgund 2007


Weekend cruise from Ardfern

18th - 21st August

Crew aboard:
Chris Perring, Al Stark, Maeve Dunne & John Bartholomew

Photos by Al Stark

After a successful outing with the Gray family on Friday afternoon, joined by JB and off to the Valley of Lorne for supper with the Grays. Joined at the pub after supper by Al & Maeve.

Saturday was a bit of a washout so we went for a drive, had beer at Crinan and ate too much.

Happily, Al & Maeve were able to extend their weekend to take in Monday. Sadly JB couldn't so he pottered off after breakfast on Sunday into the rapidly improving weather. Hiltgund set off heading for Dorus Mor and points beyond.....

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Welcome aboard!!

At Ardfern - Sunday morning


Under way - Meave takes charge



Hiltgund 2007 - Maeve at the helm

Hiltgund 2007 - Al at the helm

Arriving at Craobh

Sundowners at Craobh

Monday morning

a stroll to Lunga with great views over towards the Gulf of Coryvrecken to the SW and Mull to the NW.


At Craobh again - getting ready to head back to Ardfern


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