Hiltgund 2005


Return passage through Crinan Canal.

Crew aboard:
Chris Perring, Andrew Sackett & John Bartholomew.

Photos mostly by Andrew Sackett (a few by JB marked as such)

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Hiltgund at Ardfern prior to departure


Down below on Hiltgund

Above left: The galley and chart table facing forwards in the saloon. Above right: The saloon (2 berths)
Below left: the fo'c'sle - "forecastle" pronounced folk-sul (2 berths)
Below right: Looking aft in the main saloon over the chart table to the fifth berth - the quarterberth - which the skipper can just about fit into when required to!

Plans of a 50 Square adapted to show roughly what Hiltgund is like.

Entering the Canal

The sea lock at Crinan

Hiltgund - 2005 - Crinan Canal 




Moored at Crinan above lock 14 for the night

Hiltgund - 2005 - Crinan Canal




Passing through Crinan Bridge

Passing through Bellanoch Bridge

The skipper joins the crew to do some work on the Dunardy flight of locks.

Last of the up locks (above left) and first going down (above right)

Moored at Cairnbaan for the night. (next 7 pictures by JB)

Hiltgund - 2005 - Crinan Canal 

Hiltgund - 2005 - Crinan Canal

Hiltgund - 2005 - Crinan Canal

Heading on from Cairnbaan.

Johnny ashore moving briskly to collect his breakfast as we approach Oakfield Bridge.

Leaving the Canal at Ardrishaig (above) and arrived at Largs (below)

Heading back to Ardfern by car to collect the other car - Drum passes as we cross on the Dunoon ferry



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