Hiltgund 2004

August - September

Cruising round Loch Craignish, Loch Shuna & Loch Melfort

Round Shuna Race

Ardfern - Rhu via Crinan Canal

Crew aboard:
Chris Perring, Elly Veitch, Helen GM, Tom I'Anson, Patrick & Rosemary Segrove, Ant & Tor Perring, John Bartholomew & Neil Whitehead

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Preparing dinner on board at Craobh Haven.




Above: Nothing must be wasted ... and what to do if the wine is too cool!!

Below: Day trip from Craobh to Loch Melfort joined by Patrick & Rosemary - thanks for the photos Rosemary!


Hiltgund - 2004

Hiltgund - 2004

Above: Hiltgund returns to Ardfern and an evening view over Loch Craignish

Below: Photos of Loch Craignish & Loch Shuna taken by Rosemary Segrove - Summer 2004

Below: Rosemary and Patrick Segrove at home in Ardfern & the view from their garden (left) and looking across Loch Craignish at their house (right)


The Round Shuna Race Weekend - feeder race from Ardfern to Craobh.



Hiltgund - 2004


The finish is in sight ...



... just as well given the state of exhaustion of some of the crew!!


Looking south west to the Gulf of Coryvrecken and on the ...

... other side of the peninsula - view south east across Loch Craignish



Heading back to the Clyde - with Neil Whitehead & Elly Veitch

Preparing for dinner aboard at Crinan - have we got enough wine??



Hiltgund - 2004


Hiltgund - 2004

Hiltgund - 2004

The puffer Vital Spark ... hopefully someone will restore her

Below: the chef hard at work ... smoked Coq au Vin??


Hurrah!! A sunny day to head through the Crinan Canal



And a very gentle breeze to waft us down Loch Fyne and round to the Royal Hotel in the Kyles of Bute for dinner.


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