Hiltgund 2004


from the Clyde to Skye

Page 3

Crew aboard:
Chris Perring, Elly Veitch, John Bartholomew, Bill Morrey, Graham, Wendy & Benjamin Perring

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The Inner Sound

Churchtown Bay on the Isle of Raasay




Churchtown Bay on the Isle of Raasay

Elly lies in the sun on the foredeck nursing what seems to be a hangover and Johnny goes to explore ashore and check out the restaurant for supper (looks promising!)




Above: Looking down from the hotel at Churchtown Bay across to Skye (for reference - Isle of Raasay Hotel run by Mr & Mrs Nicholson - fantastic home made fish pies - particularly recommend the salmon in a cheese and herb stuffed croute - fantastic!!)

Lunchtime the next day. Grey and blustery at Portree for the arrival of Bill Morrey.


"Hold on tight - this might get a bit damp!!"






A post lunch snooze - not so much trouble sleeping now Mr B!!

Dinner at Portree - The Chandlery Restaurant. Different style to Raasay Hotel - more cosmopolitan - impossible to judge between them. Easily the two best meals out of the cruise!

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