Hiltgund 2004


from the Clyde to Skye

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Crew aboard:
Chris Perring, Elly Veitch, John Bartholomew, Bill Morrey, Graham, Wendy & Benjamin Perring

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From Loch Aline to Skye - quite exhausting!





Approaching Skye - Armadale Bay.

Overnight on mooring c/o Sleat Marine Services. Dinner aboard again - high standards being maintained in both catering and drinks departments!


Passing Glenelg and heading into Kyle Rhea. It's encouraging to find other boats arriving at the same time - points at the sums for the tidal gate being about right!





Overnight stop at Kyle Akin just by the Skye Bridge - how was the late night session in the King Haaken Bar Elly?


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