July 2002
Cruise to Loch Sunart

Ardfern - Craobh Haven - Salen (Isle of Mull) - Salen (Loch Sunart) - Tobermory - Dunstaffnage - Ardfern

Crew aboard: Giles & Alex Sibun, Shane Elliot, Johnny Bartholomew & Chris Perring,

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At Salen, Loch Sunart

Testing the new cooker - Roast beef AND roast potatoes!!

The Singing Sands near Arevegaig on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula

The route march (sorry Giles - scenic route!!) begins ...

... and eventually ends (above)
On passage to Tobermory, Isle of Mull (below)


Oops, the horizon's slipped


That's better!

A breezy (and pretty wet) passage from Tobermory to Dunstaffnage.

The Firth of Lorne in a good 5-6 (above)
and in rather a different mood the next day! (below)


And back at base at Ardfern.

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