Passage from Aldeburgh to Craobh Haven

May 20 - May 26, 2001

Page 1

Aldeburgh to Lossiemouth

Crew aboard:

John Bourke, Roger MacMorran, Antony Perring & Chris Perring
(plus visitations from Gilly MacMorran)

New photos (from Roger's camera) added - 04/06/01 (yellow borders on pictures)
(Pictures from Chris's camera have white borders and from Ant's, blue)


We leave Aldeburgh astern


Through the North Sea gasfields


Left: Approaching Whitby for
an unscheduled fuel stop





Taking on fuel at Whitby



Above: Perring senior knocks together a modest breakfast

Below: "We've got company!!"





Brilliant photo Roger!!





The whole North Sea to ourselves!! We didn't see another boat of any kind for nearly 24 hours.










Not a lot to keep a lookout for!!





Hmm ... another unexpected fuel
stop - this time at Lossiemouth.


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